As a SWEDCS 2018 sponsor, you will not only dramatically extend your company's presence, you'll also become an essential part of the team that makes the conference possible each year.

Sponsorship, not only gives your company a greater presence at the event, but also gives you exceptional visibility to the SWEDCS's attendees over the period of months leading up to the SWEDCS conference. Depending on the sponsorship level, your company logo will be prominently placed and seen by hundreds of professionals who receive conference mailings, visit this website, and attend the event.

Because opportunities are limited, we do suggest that you sign up early. We look forward to working with you as a SWEDCS sponsor.


  • 金牌赞助:金额:30000元人民币。会议将为金牌赞助企业设立专门企业宣讲机会 ;享受独立企业展示区;公司参展相关工作人员免费工作午餐(6名); LOGO将会在本次会议宣传的网站,手册,海报等上面呈现并致谢!
  • 银牌赞助:金额:20000元人民币。会议为银牌赞助企业提供独立企业展示区、餐会人员免费工作午餐(4名);LOGO将会在本次会议宣传的网站,手册,海报等上面呈现并致谢!
  • 铜牌赞助:金额:10000元人民币。铜牌赞助企业将获得指定区域展台一处;餐会人员免费工作午餐(2名);LOGO将会在本次会议宣传的网站,手册,海报等上面呈现并致谢!

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Ying Xue xueying@shanghaitech.edu.cn
Peilin Cao caopl@shanghaitech.edu.cn